Agile Real-Time Enterprise Payments Applications

A Next Generation Approach To Implementing Payment Systems

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Founded in 2011, Transacumen's value proposition has been built on a simple premise – with projected growth in digital transaction processing and intensifying competitive activity, banks and service providers will need to find better ways of processing payments if they are to prevail in the market.

The typical approach, to implement a costly and standard software product, is increasingly out of touch with today's competitive landscape. Whilst security and transaction integrity remain paramount, advances in technology are allowing development cycles to be compressed, for flexibility to be built-in and for systems to be efficiently extended in-house. However, many of the current technology providers however have invested in so heavily their existing products that they cannot easily leverage technology advancements that would otherwise help them to deliver better outcomes for their customers.

Observing many of these challenges, Transacumen has taken an innovative and contemporary approach to product architecture and agility. We have created a set of payment processing products that have built-in flexibility, are highly scalable to handle future growth, and are designed to support organisations that wish to outcompete their peers. The Transacumen suite of products offer new possibilities to organisations, profiting from forward-thinking technology choices and our extensive expertise in transaction systems.

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